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JAPAN Promotion

We promote Japanese products, culture and tourism resources to the international markets.
We have a lot of experience in planning and implementing complex promotions and ad planning based on local conditions such as real culture, preferences, business practices, licensing and transportation of each country.
We make use of our abundant local knowledge to propose promotions based on the needs and trends of each region.

Various inbound promotions for government agencies,
local governments, DMOs, etc.

  • Various exhibitions at travel fairs and Japan events
  • Business meetings, seminars
  • Travel agency invitation、media invitation
  • Tourism PR video production
  • Sales call
  • Local media promotion, media buying
  • B2B   B2C campaigns

Local Rep and information transmission business

Various local promotion of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, food culture, etc.

  • Foods / Product business talks, export promotion seminars, tastings, test marketing, Restaurant tie-up, etc.

Japanese cultural events, cultural exchange events, Festival planning and implementation

  • Japan Festival Executive Committee
  • Government agencies and Embassy related events
    (International conferences, meetings, ceremonies, parties, etc.)

Digital Promotion/Media Promotion

As digitalization evolves in each market, we offer digital promotions that align with the preferences and needs of your local market.
We have a strong track record of highly effective web promotions with talent and other celebrities, social media and video campaigns, and local media promotions that blend online and offline.

Influencer promotion

Online campaigns powered by web/social media

PR video promotion

Media Promotion

Meeting, Convention, Party, Ceremony

Support for the planning and operation of inner events, ceremonies, parties, etc. of Japanese companies and organizations, including business meetings, seminars, anniversaries, dealer meetings, and opening ceremonies. We offer guests a personalized welcome, including the creation of a Japanese-style space, the production of party ceremonies and the production of Japanese food.

Food, space and hospitality that allows you to experience Japanese culture

Opening ceremony for business and commercial facilities

Production of Unique Venue

Exhibition, PR Event , Media Conference

International exhibitions. / The company produces a total of projects, space design, construction, operation and production, including exhibition booths, new product launches and campaigns for Japanese companies, and PR events at large local commercial facilities. Please contact us to discuss of transportation know-how on the Japanese side.

Trade show、Trade fair exhibition

Various promotional events

New product announcement meeting

local celebrities and influencers management

Media conference

Local media invitation

Space Creative & Design

Our professional staff creates more attractive spaces, such as space-directing and stage-directing using the latest digital devices.
We have achieved a wide variety of spatial productions both in Japan and overseas.

Space-setting and design using the latest digital devices

Stage, lighting and visual production utilizing the latest digital mechanisms

Space and display design

Original lighting development


We plan and produce event stages such as large-scale concerts in various parts of Asia. We offer a complete production coverage from planning to casting and operation.

Stage planning, concert production and operation (venue planning, casting, licensing work for each country etc...)