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"Current" local marketing,
in countries that keep changing.
We offer you a local,
realistic kind of promotion.


Japanese representatives are present in ASEAN countries and Europe.
In a diverse and changing situation, we will give birth to a realistic promotion, that localizes a variety of Japanese resources.


About AAB

We are a specialist company that focuses on ASEAN and Europe in advertising promotion and event areas.
We support a wide range of events, advertising and marketing promotions from planning to implementation and operation of Japanese companies, government agencies and various organizations overseas.
Japanese representatives from overseas in Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe and France are in charge of providing detailed proposals and a structure that can be implemented with local relations between Japan and the country.


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Let's get started.
Japanese representatives from Japan and other countries will be available.

Contact us at info@aab.co.jp (Tokyo Office / Sekiya, Miyamoto)